Sing it from the Rooftop

So watched this over the weekend: How to tell your girlfriend you love her! and it got me thinking; do men generally have a problem declaring their love for the special layday in their life? Could be your mama, your girlfriend, ya baby mama or wife…do you know how to show that you care? Can you actually stand under your girl’s window & ask her to marry you like Common did in his song ‘Come Close’

You’ll watch all these romance-comedies and the bloke dashes off to the airport and attempts to stop his love from jetting off, and right there in front of everyone declares his love and asks her to be his forever. A sigh leaves your lips and you realize you’ve just eaten a 1litre tub of ice-cream by yourself. “Why doesn’t that ever happen to me?” – she asks. the question now is do movies, songs, books …whatever your drug of choice may be… create unrealistic expectations? Are men genuinely incapable of looking the fool just to see the woman in their life smile and ‘Edward Cullen’ really has no living representative?

I’ve noticed that some men think showing emotion is not manly; saying “I love you” makes you seem weak and not in control. I’ve seen this a lot with African men. (yep yep, you know this is true). I suppose our men have been brought up in a patriarchal society where men should never cry and should rule there domains by fear and suppression alone. Well listen up, things are different…shake off all those things you’ve grown up learning, grab that guitar, put on that cowboy hat and strum and sing your heart out for your lady love. Leave no doubt that she is your Empress!

Perhaps women have unreasonable expectations some of the time, but is asking for a little romance, a sweet gesture, a kind word too much to hope for? I think not! Offering to cook dinner instead of le wife, treating mum to a cup of coffee & catching up, sending a sweet text… simple easy and says so much. Even pinching your baby mama’s behind & telling her what a sexy minx she is well make her feel wanted.

Tears are a sign of strength, and a man who can express himself emotionally…even if he stutters and gets the words to the song wrong is a man worth having.


Or maybe that’s just what I think. *shrug*

All thoughts/opinions are welcome 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sing it from the Rooftop

  1. Shiru says:

    I completely agree. For one thing, it lets the woman in on your heart a little bit. We don’t consider it the least bit unmanly when you are sweet and mushy. And if it embarrasses you, then you can do it just for me and that makes it even sweeter because it’s my little secret that you’re a big softie. 🙂 I speak from experience. My man loves me and isn’t afraid to get mushy and teary-eyed with me when we watch romcoms. Don’t tell him I told you though! 🙂


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