Save Our Elephants!

Can you imagine the Elephant becoming extinct? A skeleton in Nairobi Museum being the last thing to remind us that they actually existed once? Never admiring how majestic those creatures are? I can, and it scares me.


I’ve always loved seeing elephants. They are the most exuberantly expressive of creatures…love, rage, sorrow..Their sheer size. I remember my first time at the Mara, seeing a herd of elephants got me all excited, and I remember my class assignment was about them.

We’re in crisis mode people, our elephants are being massacred while we sit back and wait for the Government to do something. Where’s the outrage? The angry protesters?

Actually, a protest or 24hr vigil is what we need. (notes it down)

Do you know how much an elephant is worth? Ksh15,000. Can you believe it?? What a farce! In comparison to what the poacher can actually make selling off the ivory, this is monopoly money.

Crime syndicates are involved and demand (primarily from China) has now reached such a high level that the price payable to the poacher for raw ivory is reported to be as high as KShs 20,000 per kilogram – or KShs 400,000 for a 20kg tusk. The KWS and other law enforcement agencies are trying their best to contain the situation but are being overwhelmed.

They are frustrated by the ridiculously light sentences being handed down by the courts – in the same court on the same day poachers caught in the act of killing an elephant in west Laikipia were fined Kshs 15,000, whilst a cattle thief was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for stealing one sheep!

Richard Vigne, CEO of Ol Pejeta Conservancy


Hope you’re getting the general idea of just how bad things are.

So what options are open to you? One place you can start is by following this link, and signing the petition to stop the Elephant Slaughter in Kenya:

Keep tabs on sights like to know what’s going on and how you can help.

Just creating a buzz via your twitter account will go a long way. #SaveOurElephants

If you have any great ideas on how we can Save Our Elephants, or know of Organizations, Groups or Causes we can support, mention it in the comments. It could even be something you’ve come up with.


5 thoughts on “Save Our Elephants!

  1. sammi belle says:

    this is so sad its not just the elephants there r so many other animals out there that r being killed by poachers plz let me know what we can do and ill be there


    • behinddoublelenses says:

      It really is. Talking to a few people, will definitely let you know how you can be a part of the solution. In the meantime, talk about it & if you have an idea you need help executing…feel free to share 🙂


    • behinddoublelenses says:

      Unfortunately that’s how a lot of people choose to deal with things. Hope you’re not one of those people.


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