12 or 21?

Children today are growing up WAY too fast!

I was watching an American documentary on something or other with my big brother and there’s this 15 year old getting all up in her mother’s face, saying how she’s going to marry this 17 year old guy (not sure the bloke in questions was aware) and she’s going to start her own family. Yeaaaaah…noooooooo.

Switch to Dr Phil, there’s a 12 year old proudly proclaiming how she’s boinked 10+ guys. ???? Her mother is horrified and her wits end, the girl on the other hand sees nothing wrong with what she’s doing.


Was watching ‘Bones’ last night, a detective series, and a 9 year old’s body is found. Now why I mention this is because during the forensic work they discover she had a tone of makeup on, false teeth, veneers, was wearing a corset her mother tightened daily to give her an hourglass figure, hair extensions….all this for a beauty pageant. She was on a strict diet, and tests showed that she was malnourished. Did a little digging and found that this is actually common for young girls who participate in ‘beauty’ pageants.pageant+girl

Did you know that parents agree for their kids to get plastic surgery? They’re still growing, what the hell do they need plastic surgery for??? What ethics govern plastic surgeons that you would consent to giving a 10 year old a nose job?! I watched a YouTube clip about a kid who was trying to convince his folks to let him get his ears and nose changed. They agreed to it. I find this beyond foolish. What’s the rush? “He get’s teased and it will leave him emotionally scarred” so you let him get cut up and altered? Now that’s great parenting. A+.

Different day, I walked in on a conversation my 13 year old cousin was having with his friend…they were talking about oral sex. Got his older brother to give him advice on the importance of waiting, and seeking advice when the time comes. Needless to say, I worry about him.

What’s the point of all this you ask? Well, I’m worried about the late 1990’s babies and how fast they’re growing up. When I was younger I spent so much time outdoors, took on several extracurricular activities like piano, and didn’t start going out until I was 19, and even then very rarely. These days, you’ll go for a gig and find youngins in nothing but bras and belts getting stoned and making out. Most of the time they’ve snuck out without mummy knowing and will be back in bed in plenty of time to get ready for church…mum none the wiser.

You can’t tell if a girl is 14 or 24. My boy was lusting after my neighbor, when I realized and told him how old she was, despite her tending to dress a little like a modest hooker, his jaw dropped…he couldn’t believe it.

At a conference, we ended up at a hotel that also had a couple of high-school girls staying there on a trip. I recognized a few of them because my sister went there. When we were leaving I overheard one of the guys confiding how he banged one of them and later discovered she was 16. These guys were 26-27 at the time…too old even for me. He’s a nice guy, had a bit too much to drink that night…she snuck into his room and lied, teased and tempted. He seemed a little horrified by it.

I don’t understand why the current YOLO generation seems to increasingly want to bring back the age of the hippy with a dash of new age swag. What’s with the rush to grow up? Sex, drugs, cars, booze and cash…that’s what everyone thinks about.

What happened to the days of kids playing kati, rounders, and touch rugby? When young girls wouldn’t be caked in makeup and young men didn’t bathe in aftershave and practice leering in the mirror? When sex meant more than a rite of passage or a way to pass the time? When babies didn’t have babies? Where is the joy of youth, the bliss of innocence? Are media and the wonders of the internet to blame? Have parents become lax? Is peer pressure that bad?

I want to be able to look at a 12 year old and know, not think she’s 21 and it’s appropriate for her to be drinking that dirty martini.

Children need to be children and enjoy being young for as long as possible. They have their 20’s…they can be young and reckless then. I don’t want to read another story about a 5 year old forcefully canoodling with his classmate.

Teach your children, nieces, nephews, cousins, sisters or brothers the importance of the ABCs when they’re young; about the consequences of drugs and alcohol…the trick is taking away the appeal; encourage them to take up extracurricular activities like tennis, ballet, holiday camps…there are so many options & it’ll keep them out of trouble; keep their clothes, jewelry and make up (read lip-gloss) age appropriate…if that means rooting through their things, go for it. (Don’t give me that look). We need to keep them young and create an appeal for that age as well as instilling the importance of discipline and self worth.

Pageants should either be banned or modified! It’s a ridiculous farce that’s steals a girl’s childhood and adds little to no value! (Just needed to say that)

*sigh* I am afraid to see what happens when this youngsters become the leaders of tomorrow, where will the world be? *shudders*



Let me know what you think :)

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