cute 2

It’s official, I’m a love struck fool. 🙂

There were times I’d see a couple walking hand in hand or the girl feeding her beloved a bit of cake as they gazed into each other’s eyes at artcafe. My friends and I would make fun of these couples and their disgusting show of affection. I’m a part of the anti-PDA movement! Well…I used to be, until I realized, as I fed my significant other a slice of pizza at debonairs, that we are THAT couple. ‘Great googly moogly’ I have feelings and can show them?? The world is at an end!

I never though I’d be all mush as I listen to him speak, gazing across the table at him with hearts in my eyes. I actually asked him if he’d been to see some shaman because there was no way what was happening was natural.

His laughter traps me, his smile sets my heart a’ flutterin’ and I find myself seeking his approval. Not that I’m changing myself or rushing to his place to cook and clean his shirts, just that I find myself wanting to be better. He challenges me, and encourages me to be more, do more, express myself more. Lets face it, finding a guy who is sweet, funny, smart and sets your loins on fire in this day and age is a long shot. ‘Score one for me. Woot woot’.

Ladies, I don’t know if this happens to you, but it’s like every other guy lost 15% of their hotness all of a sudden. Even that bloke I’d check out at the gym that caused many a woman to develop a sudden stammering problem.

Even when my snookums (yep yep, creepy pet name) is away on business, I can’t be bothered with other men. Some have tried and honestly I just end up picking them apart and leaving them in pieces on the floor. They just don’t match up.

Let me be clear though, he isn’t some god like being who does no wrong, he’s very human and that’s what draws me to him. His weaknesses are as much a part of him as his strengths, and he admits them.

Clear, open and honest and accepts me as I am. Witty and a little on the loony side but that adds some much needed spice to life I think.

I’m shamelessly sprung, and it irritates me to tears. lol.

So all this to announce that I am now 100% pro PDA and that I regret ever making fun of all members of the ‘Pro PDA and Proud’ Association. It’s not that bad a place to be.


Let me know what you think :)

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