Work what ya Got


Have you ever noticed that some curvy women tend to make serious fashion faux pas in an attempt to claim what has been denied them? There’s also a percentage that is so busy covering up what they hate they don’t notice how they draw the eye to the areas they desperately try to hide. Not knowing the right styles, size and color has a lot to do wit it, but the biggest part is a woman’s mentality.

First step: Acceptance

Look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Those stretch marks? the ‘love handles’ that spill over your top? a bottom that creates more problems than its worth? Fat thighs? Well that’s what I see, and whatever you do, you’ve probably criticized yourself and sworn you’ll go to the gym and never eat cake again. You’ve cried and marked out the parts of you you’d like to fix. But maybe you’re looking at it from the wrong angle; you’re seeing the glass as half empty when you should be seeing it as half full.

Take a second look at yourself. What do you like? Pretty brown eyes? Nice waist? Sexy legs? Whatever it is make a mental note. Embrace what you don’t like as much as what you do, because even if you intend to start making some changes to your diet, or exercise routine  you need to know how to work with and flaunt what you have. Be confident in your own skin, this will help you express yourself better though what fashion has to offer.

Second step: Determine Body type

bodytypeA lot of what you can wear and how you can wear it is determined by this.

Apple shape

What you have: broad shoulders, a large bust, narrow hips, slim thighs, a flat rear end and an undefined waistline.
Style aim: Show off your best features by wearing clothing that draws attention away from your waist and creates balance.
  • Go for  v-necks that elongate your top, this’ll cause a natural slimming effect.
  • A belt adds slimming definition to your waist with a belt over a dress or long blouse.
  • Make your silhouette seem longer and slimmer by wearing the same color on top and bottom.
  • Try varying shades of the same color and different fabric combinations.
  • A bra that gives the right support gives better shape.
  • Boot-cut and flared jeans give a long and lean look.

Pear shape

What you have:  hips and backside are wider than your shoulders, and smaller bust line as well. You generally have trouble  finding clothing items that fit both your waist (tiny) and your hips (a bit wider). Finding the right kind of jeans can be a nightmare and a reliable tailor is your best friend. 

Style aim: Pull focus to your upper body, to give the appearance of balance.


  • Wear slim, fitted tops, button-down shirts and cardigans. Get a couple with embellishments around the neckline to help draw the eye.
  • Layering garments can balance a pear-shaped body by adding visual interest to the top half of the body.
  • A-line dresses and tops emphasize the upper body while slimming wider hips characteristic of a pear-shaped body.
  • Keep it fitted. Make sure your skirts and jeans are adjusted to fit your waist and hips. a clumpy waistline draws attention to all the wrong places.
  • Keep the hems of pants, skirts and dresses wide to visually balance a pear-shaped body.
  • Avoid flashy embellishments like cargo pants, funky pockets or embroidery on your lower half. Keep it clean and simple.

Rectangle shape

What you have: waist, hip and shoulder widths that are all similar to each other.

Style aim: create curves


  • Get rounded and sweetheart tops, with colors or details to accentuate your chest.
  • Belt your waist to create more of an hourglass figure.
  • Long jackets will create a lean look and emphasize your narrow rectangle body shape.
  • Layering will add more dimensions to a simple rectangle body shape.
  • Get the right bra to perk up your girls and add a little curve.
  • Get pants that are fitting, not tight. Well fitting pants will add curves.
Hourglass Shape
What you have: similar bust and hip measurements, and a waist that is roughly 10 inches smaller.  are the envy of women when it comes to curves.
Style aim: Stay frump free
  • Draw attention towards your bust and face with scoop or v-neck tees/tops.
  • A wrap-style skirt or dress will showcase your small waist.
  • Keep light colors on top and dark colors on the bottom to lengthen your frame.
  • Can’t say this enough; get the right bra!Go for flared bottoms to balance your hips and mid-rise pants that can help hide any extra tummy. Keep your pants fitted.

Now obviously there are other factors such as height, build and weight, so everything above isn’t the cast in stone. A lot of it is trial and error but with these guidelines, it’ll make finding your perfect style easier.

Third step: Start over

Now you know a little more about yourself so go through your wardrobe and pull out all the things you hide canstock0479054behind or really don’t flatter your shape. If they’re  too tight, too big, too old, rarely worn, toss them. (or give them to charity).

Go window shopping to get an idea of prices, deals and options available to you.  This will help you get the best value for your money, and you are more likely to find items you can easily layer or pair up.  Get a shopping buddy you trust. It’s nice to get someones opinion especially when you decide to purchase something.

Forth step: Underwear

Get the right knickers and bras to keep everything in place.

BS 1Something else you can get to give you clean lines are body shapers. There are various types available from full-figure body briefs to thigh slimmers. Most stores that sell underwear have these or you could check out JCPenny to see what’s available to you. As the name suggests, they shape your body giving it more clean lines.

Stores like Woolworths do free measurements to ensure you get the right size.

When getting one remember, the right fit is important and getting a size smaller than you need will hurt more than help.

Fifth step: Experiment

Get out of your comfort zone, try different combinations to develop your own style. Accentuate your assets and remember to be confident, because you only look as good as you feel.

Color coordination is good, but experimenting with color combinations that will make your eyes pop should not be feared.

These steps might help you on your way to becoming a fashionista or give you one more avenue to express yourself in the right way.


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