Moving in

For a new home owner, creating your own style to transform  your  house into a home can be intimidating. One of the tricks is taking note of places that you like i.e the decor and overall feel of the place. From a restaurant to a a celebrity home, you can pinpoint the elements that most ‘call’ to you.

The first thing you need to do is take note of the style elements of your favorite hotel room.  Knowing the overall vibe, aura or feeling you’d like your home to give off  will guide the kind of colors, furniture, artwork and so on you will have in each room.

One of the projects I’d like to start is changing up my room. The place I’ve chosen as my inspiration 

kenyaway_zimmer_hpis Kenyaways an old family beach house converted into a B&B guesthouse with a bar and restaurant and kite school known as the kite village.  It is located on Galu Beach, on the South side of Diani, Mombasa. This beautiful guesthouse fits in perfectly with Diani’s tropical vibe with pristine clear lagoons. 

The decor is clean and simple, with earthy tones.

KW 2

The nude color on the walls coupled with the dark brown of the wooden furniture give an allowance to play around with different colored fabrics or prints to create the kind of look you want, The orange and brown of the room above gives the room a warm feeling. It isn’t overly done and the items used can be easily found, or if made if you are willing to learn.

Pillows and throws:

kikoy 1To give that African feel you can’t go wrong with KIKOY co. and Kenya Kanga. They have great home accesories so if you’re looking for a kanga bean bag or kikoy throws and cushion covers, they have what you need. 

You can also simply buy the material you need and have your local tailor fashion these items for you. It all depends on budget and the exact style you want. 

Less is more. The items you choose should act as accents and not overwhelm the room.


For the walls, paint and wallpaper come with boundless choices you can either play it safe and do a nude color or go for a subtle orange. Just keep in mind that you will wake up to that color every single day. Don’t be afraid to do a little wall art to add some of your personality to the room. En-hance Decor specialize in Wall Art decor and can help come up with a concept to tie the room together.


In a bedroom you have essential elements like the bed, chairs, a mirror depending on what form of comfort you find important. Once you know the items you want you can peruse online shops or take a trip to local furniture maker. Seeing a few things will build a more concrete image the finished room.


You can go with whatever kind of wood you prefer from bamboo to reclaimed drift wood. If you’re looking for the latter Mijikenda Design has unique freeform furniture to suit varying tastes. you can see the swahili design influence in each piece. The selection of mirrors is great  with pieces that seem to reflect the ocean. 

For bamboo Kenya Bamboo Center gives you fun, eco friendly options, allowing you to bring a little of that outdoors feel indoors.

bed31bamboo 1

KW 4

Add other furniture like a hammock and create a little reading nook. Get little nick-knacks like shells, dream catchers (whatever suits your fancy) to add to the ambiance. 

Whatever your preference, go for sturdy items that will last.

 These are just a few tips to give you a little more direction when starting your ‘home improvement project’. Don’t be afraid to do it yourself and get a couple of friends to help out; you could turn it into a fun day in. 


Let me know what you think :)

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