Ity-bity housing surrounded by excess.

If you sit down and think about how much we spend on our homes you realize that a large chunk of what we spend isn’t really necessary. So how do we curb the excesses in our lives?

Well one Alek Lisefski (a web designer based in California) figures he has the solution, the Tiny Project. His idea behind The Tiny Project is  to “…live a simpler, more conscious, debt-free life, and in doing so helping to set and example and educate the community about alternative, affordable, more sustainable ways of living”.

Alek built his own tiny house for  $30,000 (just over Ksh2.5M)  and it’s only 8x20ft, just enough functional living space. He lives here with his girlfriend Anjali and their dog Anya.

 “Inhabiting such a small space will force me to live in a simpler, more organized and efficient way. Without room to hoard things and hide away from the world, I’ll be forced to spend more time outdoors, in nature and engaging with my community.” 


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The Tiny Project is gaining popularity being an affordable option of living. Alek sells his Tiny House Plans and gives advice to anyone interested in starting their own home. Each tiny house is different with just the fundamentals of the plans making sure it works. You can alter a few things here and there to suit your taste and the kind of space you require for day to day living.

Carrie and Shane Caverly of Clothesline Tiny Homes also decided to build their own tiny home and start a simpler way of living.

You can also give Minimotives a look-see. The interior design is brilliant for such a small space.

My only question is would the tiny house movement work in Kenya? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “Ity-bity housing surrounded by excess.

    • behinddoublelenses says:

      I know. But the idea would be to adapt it to local needs.
      I’m no architect but I’m sure there’s an affordable way to build these.


Let me know what you think :)

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