Kenya Kite Festival

kk6Ever heard of the  Kenya Kite Festival? No? Well let me give you an introduction.

Kiting is considered a high energy, family activity that originated from China, one of the greatest kiting destinations. The kiting culture is picking up in popularity in Kenya attracts kite enthusiasts for a weekend of kites.

This is the first event of its kind in East and Central Africa, a family – picnic style event, held every year with kite building workshops carried out in between festivals. Each festival, International kiters are brought in to put on a display with their 20 – 30ft kites…like the manta ray and whale kites. RC Pilots also put on a display with their remote control planes.

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Urban Live Entertainment is the mastermind behind this event, having held two other festivals before this and consequently promoting the kiting culture here. Their intention is to create a wholesome family event that allows the parents to relive their youth and the kids to learn something new and exciting as well as raise funds for local charities. Ultimately they also want to have Kenya Kite Festival is to have Kenya become internationally recognized as a kiting destination.

The Kite Festival Team (past and present) is made up of a group of dedicated, fun-loving women, namely; Melissa, Neriah, Violet, Wangari & Nadia. Each has a passion for flying kites and are striving to make the kiting culture as much a part of Kenya as it is in the rest of the world. Though both Nadia and Wangari have left officially but still support. There are also the ‘Friends of Kite Fest’ who always show their support in one way or another.

This year’s festival was held on the 23rd of this month, with kiters James and Jeff from USA putting on a great display. The change of venue to the Polo club and the new look and feel of the event went over well with regulars. The vendors were perfect for the event and Dj Stretch was fire on the decks. The charity supported this year was Akili Dada, a leadership incubator investing in high-achieving young African women from underprivileged backgrounds who are passionate about social change.

The Kenya Kite Festival is the ultimate kids event, from kite challenges (where anyone can win a prize),  bouncing castle, face painting, puppet shows, and sugary treats. The team is pro outdoor activities in an age when children spend their time glued to one screen or another. Kids run and play themselves tired while parents can join in or relax in the shade and enjoy a brew or two.

It really is an awesome way to spend a Sunday with family and friends.

For a glimpse of last weeks event, check out the Kenya Kite Festival page and a clip of last year’s event

There are a couple of other events in the works, so follow them on facebook and @kenyakitefest to stay in the loop.



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