Tiny World; Big World

We’ve heard loads about how we are slowly but surely contributing to the destruction of the earth, but still we continue to abuse our home without regard for what may happen in future. There are a lot of theories on this, just type it into google search and you’ll be bombarded with informative sites. The message isn’t getting through though, even with the thought that Earth could end up as it’s depicted in Wall-E without the happy ending.

wall-e 2

Jeffry Lin covers the basics in The Effects of Garbage on Our Environment, so you can give that a look see and I wont go on about it.

Coming up with new ways to draw attention to how our own personal habits affect the world in a huge way is key. Preaching at people and telling them that ‘The end is near’ isn’t working, so educating us older folk needs to be done subtly and in ways that will draw and keep our intention.

I came across a video recently that did this for me. It isn’t long, or complicated but the message stuck with me.

(Also check out  Tiny Worlds – Bulldozer & Tiny Worlds – Submarine)

That cigarette butt you tossed by the side of the road will contribute to the ever drastic change in climate. Funny thing, the next time you’d walk down that street you’ll wonder how it got so dirty. You need to keep in mind that everything you do has a ripple effect that will come back to you.

Follow the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and you’ll eliminate one more bane on this earth. It may seem small but ultimately it makes a difference.

eco 2

Do you know of any other creative messages when it comes to keeping our cities clean? Post a link below.


Let me know what you think :)

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