ZaZZZ the magical Marijuana Vending Machine



A friend asked me recently if marijuana is legal in Kenya. It may as well be with our current culture. People choose to indulge in it like cigarettes, and weed based goodies have become quite common at parties. (so I hear).

Marijuana also apparently has health benefits as pointed out on PolicyMic in 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana . What most people are familiar with is its use by cancer patients.

  • Can stop HIV from spreading throughout the body
  • Slows the progression of Alzheimer’s
  • Slows the spread of cancer cells
  • Is an active pain reliever
  • Can prevent or help with opiate addiction
  •  Combats depression, anxiety and ADHD
  • Can treat epilepsy and Tourette’s
  • Helps with other neurological damage, such as concussions and strokes
  •  Can prevent blindness from glaucoma
  • Connected to lower insulin levels in diabetics

In the US has legalized it in some states, and there are pot dispensaries where you can get a variety of types and flavors of weed. What amuses me is the Marijuana Vending Machines they’re introducing to these pot stores. They’re very similar the regular soda/snack dispensers we have only child proof as explained here. A customer needs a driver’s licence as proof of age, then a camera inside the vending machine will compare the biometrics of the customer with their identification to make sure it’s valid. In addition the machine is climate-controlled to ensure the pot treats stay nice and fresh.


Eventually, people will be able to find a vending machine on any street corner, making for easily accessible A grade weed.

Is this something we’ll ever get to have here? Is it just another way to encourage kids to take drugs? Is marijuana a destructive drug or is it safe enough to legalize, allowing legit vendors to set up pot dispensaries?  I’m honestly curious to know what people think about this, so leave a comment below.



3 thoughts on “ZaZZZ the magical Marijuana Vending Machine

    • behinddoublelenses says:

      Decriminalization is an interesting way to go, but is this something that would work everywhere? How would this work in states that already find providing basic health care a near impossible task?


      • GreyRok says:

        It would at least stop the unnecessary prosecution of addicts, and ease the burden on prisons by not filling them with sick people instead of criminals.


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