Hybrid nom part 1

One of my fave series is ‘Two Broke Girls’, and while watching one episode the Cronut was brought up and the girls tried to come up with their own cult-y hybrid food. Last year saw several new twists on every day food items that we’d never actually come up with. A little inter-webs ramaging brought up the Ramen burger, Pizza cake and Luther burger.

Pizza Morph:

When it comes to late nights in with the girls watching movies our go to food is pizza, so Boston Pizza’s Pizza Cake or Pizza Mints would be amazeballs. I can’t tell you how they’re made but a little experimentation wouldn’t be a bad idea. If Debonairs could create something similar building off the triple decker pizza it might just revolutionize birthdays. If you’re like me, savory beats sweet any day so out with white forest and in with the chicken and mushroom pizza cake! The Pizza mints are small and easy to carry, making them a great snack on the go for those of you on the fast lane. They come in a tiny cute pizza box.pizza-cake

Burger Innovation:

Ramen Burger

Keizo Shimamota, a computer-programmer-turned-Ramen-connoisseur, came up with a way to combine ramen (which I practically live off of) and a Burger, to come up with something affordable to tickle the taste buds. The Ramen Burger. It is comprised of a chuck beef patty nestled between “two discs of compressed noodles.” A secret sauce is also involved. The Ramen ‘buns’ are crispy on the outside and little softer on the inside to make for an easier bite.

ramen burger

Luther Burger

This is a Ground-beef patty, melted double cheese, smoked peppered bacon dirty sauce and deep-fried crispy onions, all between two sweet glazed donuts instead of a regular bun. Rumor has it that the burger was named for and was and possible invention of singer song writer and record producer Luther Vandros. It is supposed to be the perfect blend between sweet and savory.

luther burger


I like the ideas of hybrid foods, taking away the dull and ordinary and giving us something fresh but recognizable. Since a lot of this aren’t available commercially here, you could always experiment on your own…I tried the Luther Burger and it’s definitely going on my movie night list of must have snacks.

If you know of other food innovations, or have come up with one of your own, share it below 🙂



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