Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot Glass DIY

I found out about this creative dessert while looking for treats to serve at get-togethers, chocolate chip cookie shot glasses. I love chocolate chip cookies so I had to get my hands on the recipe and Ms. Karin from LA tested the and perfected her own and shared it. (bless her soul)


Karin used Serious Eats: The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe for the dough. The instructions are pretty easy to follow, but she adds her own twist. She added extra flour and beat the dough longer than usual to make the dough easier to roll out and manipulate into the right shape. Also, the chocolate chips are downsized to prevent holes from appearing in the dough when you flatten it out.

The step by step instructions are detailed and because she’s tried and tested different variations, she has established the do’s and don’ts.

The man behind the this recipe is Dominique Ansel, who also came up with the cronut. If you want to try his version, follow the instructions below:

The chocolate chip cookie shot glasses are usually served with milk, but I’m pretty sure amarula or ice-cream would be just divine.

So give it a try and tell me how it works out.

If you want a couple of other ideas for edible dessert cups, here you go 🙂 courtesy of POPSUGAR Food


Let me know what you think :)

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