Tomboy Fashion Faves

We’ve come a long way from women only being allowed to wear skirts, heels and pearls. I love how women are borrowing from men’s fashion and making it their own.

I like this trend because any woman can still maintain her signature style while looking fashionable and adding a touch of masculinity. You can be a girlie girl or let your tomboy flare show.

Boyish Blazer/Long-Short Tuxedo Jacket

Boyish Blazer/Long-Short Tuxedo Jacket


At the top of my list is a blazer/jacket. This is something anyone can pull off as long as they find the right cut and color. You can pair a blazer with just about anything, from shorts, to floral dresses and leggings.


Top Hat

top hat

The top hat is prominent in steam punk. There are larger than life styles and the classic look, but you need the right outfit and personality to pull one off. It makes for an interesting conversation starter.

Varsity Jacket


From boyish to cute and flirty, the varsity jacket is perfect for a fun day out. You can change the overall look with the right accessories.

Pant Suit


Nothing says powerful and classy like a Pant Suit. A woman can keep it semi formal or sexy official, with the variation of cuts, colors and prints. The blouse/shirt, accessories and shoes complete the look.

Skinny Scarf/Tie

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These can be used to give you’re look added color or lines, and can be casual or formal depending on the outfit you pair them with.

Tweed Shorts

tweed shorts

These are my idea of classy shorts. You can dress up for a fun night ought or pair them with loafers for a chill day.


Let me know what you think :)

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