Makeup Noob part 1


One of the things I still find challenging is makeup. I’ve never really liked the feel of foundation, or all the time and effort that goes into looking for, and later applying the right makeup. Then there’s the fact that I’m brown skinned with yellow undertones (hence being referred to as yellow yellow dada by kanges on my route home). Most of the brands in the cosmetics stores aren’t really dark skin friendly and my friends have to get a little creative. Also, I tend to be a little clueless on the does and don’ts of makeup and just how certain looks are achieved so if you’re in my boat, I want to share a few things I’ve found with you.

How to apply foundation:

In this tutorial, Spencer Barnes gives tips on how to apply foundation on darker skin. He uses two different tones of liquid foundation because most women have more than one tone to there skin – this gives a more natural look.

Shaping your eyebrows:

Now your eyebrows shape your face and can either make you look great or permanently startled. I’ve got a uni-brow so these tips helped loads: 10 tricks to pluck perfect eyebrows.

Now that you have your shape down, here’s a few more tips for that clean look from My Natural Sistas :

Ladies, please don’t shave off your eyebrows, you’ll end up looking like a startled drag queen! Avoid using black eye pencil as it will look unrealistic, instead use browns that are slightly darker than your skin tone.

Make your eyes pop:

There is a lot more to the art of eye-shadow than I realized. This tutorial points out the different types of eye-shadow, where to apply them and how:

Now not all eye-shadow is good for all skin types. Here’s advice from The Beauty Bean for darker skinned girls:

  • Avoid Ashy Shades. Ashy or white shadows can appear dull (or even invisible) on darker skin, stick with more vibrant hues which will tone down when actually on your skin.
  • Go Deep. Soft shades will fade away on darker skin (great for a natural look, not so great if you’re looking to make a statement). If you want your eyeshadow to stand out, stick with warm shades rich in pigment, like metallic golds and purple berries.
  • Boldly Line. While grey and brown eyeliners are great for a subtle look on women with fair skin, for all your gorgeous ladies with darker skin, make sure to stick with dark, bold eyeliners.

Feeling a little more in the know? I am and I’m ready to try out a couple of new looks.


Let me know what you think :)

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