First Steps: How to walk in Heels


Growing up I never had the urge to try on mummy’s heels. I’ve never really understood the appeal of torturing ones self by virtually walking around on your tippy toes. Also, I look like a drunk duck waddling about whenever I’ve tried. Flats, sandals and sneaks are my go to footwear.

Thing is, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve caught myself sighing at a pair of stilettos at places like Backyard Shoes. But I can’t walk in them and I really don’t want to join the league of ‘kwani you didn’t know you were going to walk today’ girls you see in town struggling to stay erect and hold a smile.

You probably, like me, want to delve into the world of sexy footwear but need a few tips and a bit of encouragement.


  • Work on your posture – don’t slouch, loosen your shoulders and keep your arms to your side, chin parallel to the ground.
  • Double check your shoe size – you don’t want to get shoes that are too tight or have way too much wiggle room.
  • Start small. Get yourself a pair of Kitten heels or something with a chunky one inch heel. You can graduate to a higher wedge. Get something with ankle support to act as your final training wheels then move to pumps/stilettos.

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NB: you don’t have to wear 6-inchers if they really are uncomfortable. Find your comfort zone. But if you’re determined, gel insoles will add that extra bit of comfort.


  • Walk slow and watch your step. Start by taking slow deliberate steps, your body will then adjust and it will start to feel a little more natural. Take note of the surface your walking on, a slippery floor may lead to an accident.

The vlog below gives a little more direction and is what I’ll use to begin my high-heels training:

It takes lots of practice and patience, but pretty soon you’ll have an effortless walk.




Let me know what you think :)

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