“Dear sexist asshole”: What you should have said



As a woman I have had my fair share of negative interactions with sexist men. When a man insults me, tries to show his superiority as a man just because he is a man and women are to be subservient. When a man tries to grope me in public, or tries to claim what really is not his but he does because he believes he is entitled.

A man will speak words to cut a woman down because she does not know her place and must be taught that that place is at his feet.

You have been at the end of words or physical abuse that has left you speechless, not for lack of words, thought or feeling, but because the sheer force of the anger you feel overwhelms you. Pain may cover you and tears escape your eyes, but that man does not know how wrong he is.

He does not know your strength or the curse he has called down on himself.

If you need a voice, here’s one. This is a poem Staceyann Chin, a Jamaican poet and political activist, wrote in response to a sexist comment. I saw myself in it and it healed me somehow, maybe it can do so for you whoever you are.


Let me know what you think :)

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