Fashion in Motion

When it comes to fashion, most of us are used to the conventional ways of showcasing fashion lines, such as photography – magazines and marketing campaigns and runway shows. But something I stumbled on last year made me curious about the potential of Fashion Cinematography in Kenya. Combining Fashion, Film, Sound, and a Story, to me is beautiful way to showcase different forms of art in 1-2 minute eyegasm.

Chico Leco, a program under The Nest that focuses on the artistic collaborations between fashion designers, stylists, photographers and directors unveiled 8 collections by local designers last year using Fashion films. These videos were a refreshing change from the long list of fashion events last year and a creative way for everyone who was a part of the project to exhibit their craft.

These kind of visuals allow you to develop a kind of relationship with the model. I have quite an imagination so I would imagine that the model was lead actress in her own story…stunning, strong, soft and sophisticated. You can also see how the garments flow and shape from different angles, removing the limitations of still photography.

The two I liked the most because of the fashion and the overall look and feel were:

Katungulu Mwendwa’s Dinka Translation which was selected to screen at the first edition of the Bokeh South African Fashion Film Festival last month. 

and Sunseeker by Sunny Dolat

A photographer friend mentioned that this art form isn’t something that is really pursued here, but there are people who have picked up on it and the potential it has.

I encourage you to watch the rest of these videos, each has information on all the creative people involved in making this project happen – Chico Leco Presents

















Let me know what you think :)

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