Ladies: Bedroom tips (and I don’t mean cleaning)


I had an enlightening conversation with a few women and I realized we are becoming less and less reserved when it comes to ‘sharing notes’ which is awesome. After that talk I decided to share a few tips to improve your sexual exploits.


Keep yourself looking good. If you shave or wax your love bush, make sure you do it on the regular. If you prefer to be natural, at least keep it trim and tidy, so even if you choose to be spontaneous, you’re ready to go. This will make it a little easier for your man to really get in there when he goes down on you.

Dress up! Wear something scandalous or just throw on some stilettos and red lippy. You could even wear one of his shirts with nothing underneath. Let him enjoy unwrapping his present.


Remember, soap and water are always your greatest weapons, pre, post and during sex.

Learn your body:

Take time to learn how your body works. Know how your body reacts to certain stimulation. This will also be a process of learning to love every part of your body. When you’re finally with your man, he’ll sense your confidence, and you won’t both be bungling around in the dark.

Speak your mind:

It gets to a point a woman knows what she likes or really gets her moaning for her man to stop. Don’t be shy to direct your man’s hands where you want them, or whisper what you’d like him to do to you while nibbling his ear. If there’s a position your curious about, tell him. Take a moment to be selfish and enjoy yourself, and he will too.

Ride vs Destination:

One of the things that ruins sex is focusing too much on getting your man to orgasm or pretending to climax just to sooth his ego. It’s all about the end goal, so sex starts to feel like a chore. Instead of putting all that pressure on yourselves to finish, just enjoy each others bodies. Taste, tease and touch and you’ll find yourself drowning in that sweet spot, but that’ll just be the icing on your cake.



Spice up play time with oils, vibrators, cuffs and anal beads (if you’re feeling adventurous). Let him watch you as touch yourself then pull him in to help. Cuffs are nice for that extra bit of kink, add a blindfold and keep him guessing just what your tongue will do next.

Lube and Condoms:

Ladies, in this day and age you should be carrying these in your handbag and not expect a man to. Have control over brand and whether you want studded or ribbed. Lube especially because you never know when it could be the difference between a pain and ecstasy. It helps make it easier for him to ease in and having him rub in the cool liquid could be part of foreplay.

Delayed gratification:

Work him up to it by building up tension through the day. Brush his thigh, whisper dirty little things in his ear, pull him into a closet and make out, but keep his hands out of the cookie jar. Anything to have you both thinking about when you can get home and barely make it to the bedroom.


Now I know this isn’t for everyone, but watching a raunchy film with your man could help heat things up and you might get a few ideas.


Try adding some fruits, or chocolate, some whipped cream or a little honey to sweeten the experience. It’s great for foreplay and lengthens the experience. You could try the Grapefruit Technique just to surprise him. Seriously though, some whipped cream and strawberries could turn him into the perfect dessert.

Discover your PS-Spot:

Instead of focusing solely on your clitoris and G-Spot, have him stimulate your PS-Spot. PS (Perineal Sponge)-spot is the area directly opposite the G-spot, inside the vaginal canal. It’s a nerve-rich erectile tissue that swells during arousal. Have him stimulate this area and be ready for an intense experience.

If you want to have great sex, you can’t be shy about it.





Let me know what you think :)

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