The Art of Gift Giving – Pointers


I realized that a lot of people are not very good at giving gifts and I know there are a lot of guys who have a hard time getting something special for their love interests. So here are a few tips to make sure you don’t accidentally insult someone or give something that will ultimately have been a waste of money.

Be observant: taking the time to really get to know your friend/loved one will help you get them something they like. Often people will talk about their interests or drop hints about the things they’d like. It could be something practical that they need or something aesthetic they’ve had their eye on. Taking note of what is going on in their life would also be a good idea, for instance your mum has recently gotten into yoga to improve her lifestyle, you could surprise her with classes and some nice gear.

Take note of their hobbies, charities or causes they support etc. But try to stay away from generic gifts.

Understand their personality: not every gift matches every personality, and the wrong match up may show that you haven’t really gotten to know the person. If your friend is an avid reader that enjoys quite time lost in fantasy/history, like moi, getting a hardcover copy of that book she’s been going on about would be perfect. My sister understands this, that’s why I’m always supplied with book series :). Once you know what category they fit in to, narrow down what in that category excites them the most. Don’t be afraid to strike up conversations about such things for some info.

‘Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue’: good luck charms. Find a gift that wishes the receiver good fortune. Each occasion has its own little traditions so you could find a clever gift to suit it. Doing something as simple as placing money in your girlfriends bag (which is the main prezzie) shows that you’re thinking beyond the moment. [hi5 to the bloke who got this]

Make something: take a leaf from younger you, and get your hands dirty: get out that arts and crafts kit, dust off those knitting needles and grease those pans! Creating a unique gift for your friend/loved one speaks volumes about how much you care. Taking time out of your day and taking tip one into consideration, you can create something memorable. Simply cooking a nice meal, writing a poem or making a card could be the perfect little way to say ‘I thought of you’.

Spend some time: Actually spending time with a person could be a great gift. Popping over with food and extra cleaning stuff to help them move into their new home for instance. It can make for some interesting bonding moments. Not all gifts are material, giving your time can sometimes be worth so much more.

Attaching some kind of meaning to the gift makes it that much more precious, so think about it and actually put effort into what you choose to give. Don’t leave it to the day before, and go wandering around masaai market hoping something will jump out at you.





Let me know what you think :)

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