Every girl needs: A pretty black top

b70e1765115d735f7bf77f0591fbe4c7One of the things every girls wardrobe should have is a stylish, plain, black top. The one I like is this Free to Chic Tank from Modcloth.

The beauty of a black top is the various things you can pair it with for different occasions.

Sunny days out:

Pairing the top with a nice pair of tweed shorts or a flowy floral skirt. The kind of shoe depends on your activity but if you’re going to do quite a bit of walking, cute Suede laced up ankle booties are perfect. Wedge sandals add a bit of height without being overly formal.

If you need to switch from daytime to night time wear, add a well cut blazer and trade in your flats/wedges for some stilettos.

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At the office:

A black top lets you get a little more creative with your colors and prints. Pair it of with a mustard yellow pencil skirt, cheetah print blazer and nude heels.



Night out with the girls:

You definitely want to be comfortable, so jeans are option uno. Pair this with a mauve leather  jacket and black heels and you’re ready for a night of fun.


Accessories tie your outfit together, so a nice scarf, cool shades or a chunky belt can go a long way. The best accessory I think is jewelry. All the pieces I’ve posted are from Shopsoko. They have an amazing variety of affordable pieces, with something for every personality. How loud or elegant you want to look depends on the colors and styles of jewelry you choose. One rule I follow is making sure I only have one statement piece on.

Make sure you have at least one black top you can wear with anything, and don’t be afraid to get creative with it.

What are your fave black top combos?




Let me know what you think :)

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