Pole Dance your way to Fitness


Why aren’t pole dancing classes offered in Nairobi? A lot of women are interested, though shy but if say a yoga studio introduced it to its clients, some would love it and spread the word then wham! New fitness trend.

Pole dancing is largely associated with strip clubs and ‘exotic dancers’, no self-respecting lady would do it right? Well I say boo to that! If women just sat and accepted everything we’d still be having rubbish sex and getting weekly treatment for hysteria. If you think and say it’s perfectly acceptable, then it is.

What most people don’t see is the sport and art aspect of pole dancing. There are actually people pushing for it to be entered into the Olympic games, much like gymnastics. The arty side incorporates dance, props and (tasteful) costumes to depict something or tell a story.

Pole dancing is a fun way to challenge yourself, and take you away from the dreary gym routine. It doesn’t matter if you lack upper body strength, are not at your ideal weight or have no comprehension of the word ‘rhythm’, pole dancing is perfect anyone. Trust, me, if Greta, a 63 year old can pull it off, there’s no reason you can’t at least give it a whirl.

What you need:


You need to leave your skin exposed to get a better grip on the pole, so shorts, crop tops or sports bras are great. You can use a grip aid like ‘dry hands’ which is like liquid chalk (any other suggestions?). Make sure you don’t use any lotion or anything oily, that’ll ruin your grip. Keep a towel handy to pat yourself dry.

You’ll start off barefoot, then as you get better at it heels and sneakers can be introduced. Wristbands come in handy to prevent burns, but if that doesn’t hep balm can be used to sooth any friction burns.

The pole:

If you want to have one made, make sure it’s made of something durable like stainless steel, chrome or brass. 40 to 50 millimeters in width by the distance between your floor and ceiling height. You could alternatively buy one online, which would be better as it comes all necessary accessories and is tailor-made for professional pole dancers.

Health benefits:

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved strength and muscle tone
  • Improved balance, posture and core stability

Pole dancing is something you should combine with another workout if you’re looking to reach a certain weight or strength goal. Yoga is a good complement to it, so is swimming.

You can get tutorials from Xpole for instance, to give you guidance on what to and what not to do on a pole.

Here’s what you’ll be doing at the beginning:

Here’s what you might to if you keep at it:

Don’t scoff, Natasha Wang didn’t start off a pro either!

Now it’s not just about getting fit or creating art, it’s also an interesting way for you and your girls to have fun on your hen night, or to give your significant other a bit of a show at home.

Gentlemen, this isn’t just for women, it’s also great for guys. Look at it this way, increased flexibility, improved upper body strength and all round fitness will lead to greater stamina. Also, I think only men who are very comfortable with who they are would be up for a spin on a pole.

If you do decide to take professional classes (for those who can) or try this at home, don’t aim too high too fast, and follow the lessons explicitly to avoid injuries. Above all, remember to enjoy yourself.


Let me know what you think :)

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