Angel Centre for Abandoned Children


A few friends and I visit Angel Centre for Abandoned Children. I had had the pleasure of going there with a different group of people earlier in the year and decided to go back with my girls.

Angel Centre for Abandoned Children is a non-government organization for abandoned children. Their main aim is to take care of abandoned and orphaned children by giving them a home and a family environment. They also try to find capable adoption families that can take the children as their own. For those children that do not find homes, they are supported until they finish their education. There are 18 children in total; two girls and 16 boys, only 6 are currently of school going age.

We decided to donate non-perishables, cleaning items, clothes and toys that Wamaitha, who runs the home, mentioned needing. Once there we got to interact with the little ones and Wamaitha talked about each child’s story, most of which tear at the heart. I was reunited with Peter who was a lot more talkative and mischievous than the first time I spent time with him.

The visit was also a chance to learn about the adoption process in Kenya, which for locals is relatively easy, and challenges that come with running a home. It soon turned into a brainstorming session on how to better educate our youth on how to approach sex and its consequences. The Angel Centre holds talks at girls’ schools to educate them on how to prevent pregnancy and their options if they do get pregnant, but what we realized while talking is how marginalized boys are. The 1:8 ratio of girls to boys in the home is an indicator, and the reasons are based on culture.

We had to leave at nap time, as one by one the children dropped off, seemingly content and totally tuckered out

Nothing can compare to the amazing feeling you get when you do something good for someone else. Knowing for a moment we each made a small difference in a little life has a fulfilling effect. It makes you wonder who’s helping who in the end.

If you’d like to get in touch with them about how you can give a helping hand, call 0712 218121. I encourage you to.


Let me know what you think :)

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