Onesies are In!


Who new adult onesies would become a fad outside of Japan?! The idea for these adorable full body suits is from kigurumi culture; Kigurumi [着ぐるみ] is the word to describe a costume which covers the whole body including the head. We’re more familiar with the term co-splay. Onsies are made to cover you head to toe (or to your ankles), complete with a hoodie with teddy bear ears and a tail. 🙂

Onesies come in a large variety of characters, animals and styles, so you can find something that suits you. there are the more classy ones and the more quirky anime type versions. They are perfect for this depressing July weather, or during winter if it snows where you are. You don’t have to worry about tossing your blanket at night, you’ll be perfectly warm.

If you’re a thrift shopper, you can get one at a bargain at Toi Marché. You can also check online, Kigu Zoo has a pretty cool selection.

If you sew, or are feeling adventurous you can try this DIY:

Here’s a random idea, a onesie party! How fun would that be?

Grab a onesie fellaz, ladies love em. Honest.


Let me know what you think :)

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