USIU Wazee vs. Vijana Rugby… In Pictures


By Anthony Okoth

The annual Wazee Vijana games were held at the USIU campus grounds on the 12th of July, 2014. This was a break from the normal venue of the RFUEA grounds along Ngong Road, Nairobi, but it was a welcome one. It afforded alumni a chance to walk on the grounds that were once their stomping grounds and see the various improvements the university is making.

There was hockey, basketball, football and rugby on display, with alumni & students pitting their wits and skills against each other. The alumni showed that they are no slouches, beating the students comprehensively in Rugby (which I went for. Sorry, basketball 🙂 ) Afterward, there was a short networking session, with alumni sharing wisdom of the working world with the students.

If you didn’t happen to be there, here are some pictures from the rugby game. If you did, look out for…

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