ADRIFT by Joshua Obaga


I won’t pretend to be an expert on art, but I think good art is something that can be understood/felt by all who experience it; if it get’s people feeling or thinking some kinda way.

Being honest, I’m not familiar with this side of Joshua. This is the rawest I’ve ever seen him, and though we’re not close, it now feels like we spent a night sharing our life stories over wine and pizza.

I missed out on the opening, but went to Shifteye Gallery at the Priory yesterday. His mediums make you feel, the written words that accompany each portrait will resonate with you in some way. It’s human emotion in its simplest form, laid bare in ink and crayon. There’s a level of imperfection to the pieces, but I think it adds to the darkness; the simple truth of it all.




Joshua worked on these pieces for 7 months (there are a total of 60 pieces), and he says that this process was him figuring himself out. Each time he walks in and sees the exhibition it’s like he’s looking at himself. It takes a certain level of courage, I think, to have people look at and criticize a piece of yourself.

“Finding the beauty in negative spaces” 

There is nothing more beautiful than the human mind; one mind on paper stimulated conversation between people, stimulated thought, stimulated want. Listening to the other ladies thoughts, and Joshua’s experiences over the last couple of days reminds me just how similar we all are.

There’s one piece that resonated with me, and all these feelings flooded in and took me back to a bitter time, it was almost like looking at past me. But it was a good thing, because it also symbolizes being passed that time and being happier. (art I discovered makes me emotional).

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If you haven’t gone down to see the exhibition, I’m encouraging you to. Main reason I haven’t shared the story told is not to taint your experience. The artist is also very open to listening to honest criticism or sharing his thought process, so make some time next week, you can view the exhibition from 10am to 6pm. The pieces are for sale by the way, and several have already found new homes.


Check out his facebook page – Joshua Obaga Makes Things


Let me know what you think :)

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