Motorsports Club TT: Murang’a Edition… In Pictures


By Anthony Okoth

For a few hours on Sunday, the 3rd August 2014, Murang’a came alive to the sound of squealing tyres and roaring engines. The Motorsports Club TT was in town, and numerous enthusiasts were there in force to race and to spectate. There were a few high spec machines, as well as a few lower end ones that were still crowd favourites. All racers did two runs, to and fro, before the times were added up and the winners selected.

The governor of Murang’a, Hon. Mwangi Wairia was on hand to start off the race. He spoke at great length about using events like the Murang’a TT to open up his county to local tourism and investment. Judging by the reception the locals gave participants and spectators, that won’t be a hard sell. They were very warm and accommodating, and just as excitable about the racing as everyone…

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