A Wedding…

Last weekend was my brother’s wedding, still having trouble thinking of him as married. You can imagine how the parents are all looking at the rest of us with that “so, when is your wedding going to be?” *cringe*.

The wedding was simple and beautiful. True there were a few hiccoughs here and there, like there usually are with each event, but the final look and feel came together. It was an outdoor wedding with the reception and ceremony being at the same venue. The colors where white with a touch of gold, with chiavari chairs, beautiful flowers and a classy clear roofed hexagon tent. The ceremony had a beautiful mandup with flowers for the couple to sit under, petals lined the aisle and sunshine brought the colors to life.

A jazz band played in the background, creating the perfect ambiance. 

The couple looked amazing. Muthoni’s dress was beautiful and she seemed to be glowing, Ben looked dashing…never really seen him look that dapper. You could tell how happy they were, and how perfectly they fit.

To top it all off, the wedding was featured in The Star. I’m not sure how the rest of us will follow this one. Eloping may be an option (just kidding…maybe).

It really was a beautiful day. It was simple, tasteful and one to remember. Here are a couple of pictures:


Let me know what you think :)

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