A mix of patterns.

There’s always been this rule that you should never where stripes with flowers. It’s too busy! Well, not anymore. Mixing paisleys with stripes is perfectly acceptable. One of the reasons mixing and matching patterns is in now is because Vintage clothing has made a huge comeback. Old rules are being reworked by people who dare to step out of that square box society seems determined to fit us all into.

This can work for you if you accessorize the right way, have the right cut and fit, and have the personality to match.


Don’t forget hair and makeup.

You can go nude or wear daring lippy for that extra oomph.


UntitledStripe and print dress – Toi Marche

Shoes – Backyard Shoez (bandari plaza)

Skull necklace – Toteally Kenya

Black pendant necklace – ALATA accessories

Rings – Mr Price


Stylist & Model: Natalie Kimani

Photographer: Victor Peace

Make up artist: Cathy Nderitu


Let me know what you think :)

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