Potty Mouth

booths_in_a_female_toilet_by_lastochkin-d3dzqj2I know this may seem like an odd post, but trust me it just might help you on that random day your out on errands and have had 1 too many sodas.
How many times have you found mother nature calling your number and you’re stuck in town? Where can you go? My friend Wanjiru helped list some of the washrooms in Nairobi that will do in a pinch:
  • City Council loos near Aga Khan walk – These are surprisingly clean. The cost is about 20 bob. But don’t use them on a weekend!
  • Nandos near GPO – This will cost you the price of a soda, about 100 bob. But they’re nice and clean
  • Nandos on Ngong Road – This won’t cost you anything because the guards don’t check whether or not you’ve bought something from there so you can get away with it. Surprisingly, they always have tissue and they even have a sanitizer for the toilet seat.
  • Nakumatt Prestige – This will cost 20 bob, and it will do in a pinch. I hate the smell though. The attendants pinch you off like 2 squares of tp, and in my opinion, there is nothing that compares to the awkwardness of discussing bathroom issues with a complete stranger let alone a dude who looks like he’d rather be anywhere else.
  • Java – Now, this will cost you something at least. Maybe a snack, about 150. But their bathrooms are lovely.
  • Laico Regency – Now, this is the creme de la creme! The trick to this is to be absolutely brazen. Look like you belong there. It’s not a quick in and out thing, because the building is not right by the road, then there’s a security check. Once you’re in, cross the lobby, find the randomest cleaner and ask him to point you towards the bathroom. Voila! Bathroom Heaven! There’s music, flowers, loads of water, fresh scent, towels…Heavenly. Take your time there, then saunter out while on the phone as if you’ve just been called away urgently to an important meeting with the president.
  • Intercontinental – close second to Laico. Quite posh.

That’s the list for now. If you know of any other decent places a girl can comfortably tinkle, let me know.


Let me know what you think :)

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