Vibrators for Beginners


I’ve touched on bedroom toys briefly before, and got quite a few questions from women interested in trying them out. I can’t honestly tell you that any one vibrator is perfect for you to use as a newbie but maybe this will give you a better idea of just what to look for.

First of all, you need to know your body. What’s where and is it easily stimulated, that is the labia minora (inner labia), the periurethral area (around the urethra), the perineum, the clitoris, and the G and PS spots.

Different sizes, speeds and shapes work for different people. Then there’s the option of going for something that handles internal stimulation, external stimulation or both at the same time like the rabbit. Experiment a bit first with vibrators that are a little less daunting and work your way up.

A good place to start is getting a vibrator with a large surface area, used for external stimulation. A vibrator like the Aphrodite is perfect for a beginner. It allows you to gently massage the vulva, and is less intimidating than some of the vibrators you’ve probably seen.




Love eggs,which are little egg or bullet-shaped vibrators, are the next option. There’s small and battery vibes, easy to conceal and don’t pack as much punch as the traditional vibrators. You can use it either internally, or externally and there are various models to choose from. This is one you can use with your partner or during private time. Next time your going down on him, run the vibrator in circular motions on his perineum (space between a man’s anus and testicles), you just might get an ‘interesting reaction’.

The Pleasurette Mini Vibrator by Pleasure Works is a good example. You can also get quirky ones like one shaped like lipstick.



If you’re looking for G-spot stimulation, curved vibrators are a good idea. Swan has an interesting range called Leaf. Now the one I think you’d enjoy is called Bloom. It’s made of medical grade silicon and is waterproof so it’s great for bath time :). There are other brands, this isn’t the only one out there, but they work in the same basic way: insert the vibrator and aim the curve toward your navel.


Lastly, there’s the cock ring. This is something you can try with your partner to spice things up. Your partner places is it at the bottom of his shaft when he’s achieved an erection, the ring helps maintain the erection. Now there are various types, but since we’re talking about vibrators, you can get one that has one attached. A guy will feel the vibrations through his shaft while his female counterpart will receive extra clitoral stimulation leading to greater orgasms. The O Wow – Super-Powered Vibrating Ring With Screaming O Bullet is an example.


I’ve put a couple of examples but these aren’t the must haves (though from the reviews the Leaf range is superb). Do your homework and feel free to experiment a little, you’ll find the perfect fit and enjoy the journey there.



Let me know what you think :)

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