Makeup Everyday? Why?

Let me start by saying I think I’m in the most eye-opening relationship I’ve ever been in. My SO is rather open and we’ve had some interesting conversations about, well, everything. There have been conversations about our general perceptions of the opposite sex and personal preferences, you know, what we and perhaps our friends are into when it comes to other men and women.

So normally I don’t wear makeup, but I got some as a birthday gift: eye-shadow, eyeliner (it’s amazing), mascara, and lippy. I’ll be honest, I was excited to try it and started wearing an eyeliner, lippy, mascara combo, keeping it near natural. My SO noticed, complimented me, and stared all through lunch the first time I did lol. But I stopped wearing anything except lippy regularly. Then I went for a photo shoot and everyone started going on about how I’d enhance my beauty and keep my man interested by applying makeup daily.

“Sorry what?!?”

I’m curious, must I wear makeup all the time? Is my face as it is imperfect to the point that I must hide behind foundation and blush?

Must you?

Do you know there are women who will not let their SO see them without makeup until maybe 3 months to a year into the relationship? They’ll wake up earlier, put on their face and hop back into bed just in time for the morning cuddle.

First of all, where did women get the notion that men prefer a perfectly made up face? Or is it more to do with pressure from other women, a need to look as perfect as the girl in the glossy magazine. “If you don’t have flawless skin, paint it on until you no longer look like you” – pfft. Then there’s media bombarding us with new things we need to hide, flaws we didn’t realize we had but suddenly feel self-conscious about.

Let me ask you something, when you look into the mirror, what do you see? Just you, no thoughts of Beyoncé or the hot girl next door. Is all you flaws or do you see that sexy gap between your teeth? Your gorgeous brown eyes? That delicious black skin? Those cute freckles? The dimple when you smile? If all you see is things you need to fix, maybe makeup is a bad idea.

I like my face, even with the little imperfections, it’s me, so I can walk around without makeup and occasionally put some on for special days or just for an extra SHAZAM. Can you do the same? Just spend a day armed only with lip-balm and see how you feel. If you’re used to makeup it will definitely feel weird but as the day progresses you’ll feel a little more confident.

My SO told me on Sunday that he loves me bare-faced with nothing distracting from my natural beauty [giggle…well]. And honestly, I prefer that for other women. You probably know that one pretty girl who constantly cakes her face, then one day you glimpse the art beneath and you’re like “WTF?”. Sometimes makeup hides more than those blemishes, it hides what’s uniquely you. I think we all tend to forget that there isn’t one set way to be despite all the crap the powers that be [media et al] shove down our throats. Your beauty is defined by you, be confident in it, smile and tell anyone with negative comments to stop projecting their insecurities on you.

Don’t try so hard to fit in, set your own standard. Use makeup as a form of expression, not as a mask to hide the beauty that is you.

“Do you need to always to wear makeup? No.”

“Can you wear some sometimes? Yes.”

In unrelated news, this is me done up and in heels. 🙂 Looks like someone else.



Let me know what you think :)

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