Of KSPCA and friends

About a week ago, my girlfriends and I made a little trip to KSPCA to help out and play with the animals. The people are friendly and very good with animals, and the place runs like…a well oiled machine. They have a schedule to make sure the animals are clean, well fed and decently exercised.

There are so many dogs and cats, plus a few horses and donkeys. Most of the animals were rescued or given up because owners were moving or just couldn’t manage then anymore. Some come in a terrible state and are nursed back to health others are really young like this one kitten that came in that day that had to be fed with a dropper and could nap in your hand.

You can’t help but realize how undervalued animals are here, how ill-treated some of them are like the pups sold by the roadside. Having a pet is a commitment (you can check out KSPCAs tips on pet care) so you need to be sure before getting one. Even gold-fish need some level of attention. If you’re not willing to give your time, or are overly concerned about expenses, leave it be.

If however you are interested, visit KSPCA, they hove so many friendly animals that are vaccinated and deformed. Some, depending on age, are neutered/spayed. They are well-behaved and respond well to people. There was one three-legged dog that especially friendly and behaved as though nothing was missing, totally happy-go-lucky.

My favorite from the day were The Pirate (henceforth dubbed so), and the three pups that played themselves to sleep. I also petted a donkey for the first time, which would have thrilled a certain American girl 😛 .

We got to help feed the larger dogs, except two that were being taken to their new home, and help clean up after. Honestly it’s very hard to stay upset once you set foot in that place. Animals have this strange peace about them, this wonderfully simple way to view the world that’s oddly calming.

It was a great day out and I’d recommend it to anyone. Here are other ways you can get involved:

Adopt a pet

Become a Member

Make a Donation

…follow the links for more information.


Let me know what you think :)

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