Cut-out fabulocity

Cut-out everything became a thing last year, and it seems to be a trend that still has quite a bit of momentum. I think cut-outs give you a chance to flaunt a bit of skin in a fresh way, letting you dictate where and how much skin is shown of without looking uber skanky.



Whether you want a cut-out dress or a cute top, there are some things to consider:

  • Choose just one area to expose, and make sure it’s an area you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t make sense to get/make one if all you’re going to do is cover it up with a trench coat all night because you’re embarrassed.
  • Make sure it’s the right occasion for it. You’re not about to walk into an office showing a lil extra are you? A night out with the girls, or a special date would be perfect…maybe even that beach trip.
  • Watch your neckline and hems. It would be nice to still actually have something on.Lace or see-through material over the cut-out area is perfect if you still feel too conservative/shy.
  • Black is great but don’t be afraid to enjoy a little color.
  • Be confident.


NB: they are also a nice way to show off those tattoos without having to wear a tank-top 🙂


The great thing about cut-outs is that they can be fun and casual or just the right amount of spicy; it all depends on the material, fit, patterns or no and what jewelry shoes you pair it with.

Untitled Fedora

Cut-out dress

Fuchsia Parrot earrings

Mood bracelets

Voodoo necklace



Stylist & Model: Natalie Kimani

Photographer: Victor Peace

Make up artist: Cathy Nderitu


Let me know what you think :)

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