Caring for your “Flower”


There are a few things I have learned about vulva + vagina health over the years that I always figured every girl knew, but apparently don’t. So here are a couple of tips to keep your flower a-bloomin’:

Wear cotton underwear:

Cotton breathes and absorbs moisture, so it’s perfect for your hoo-ha. Even better is going commando while lounging at home…it’ll give your flower a chance to air out.

Keep fit:

Kegels are a great way to keep fit. It’ll help tighten things down there, which will give you better bladder control and amazing orgasms. If you’re going to have a baby you’ll be glad you did those daily kegels.

Add yogurt to your diet:

Greek yogurt (no, not that sugary kind), preferably with live cultures is perfect for keeping your ph level. You’ll be less likely to get yeast infections etc plus yogurt is generally awesome.

Have your gardener do some weeding:

Have your hoo-ha checked out by an expert, especially if your sexually active. Don’t be shy about asking anything from contraception to diet tips. Also, find out how often you should make your visits and when you should get a pap smear.

Lube is important:

Vaginal dryness is a normal part of life. Sometimes your vagina just doesn’t get the message during sex or certain meds you’re on are to blame. It also happens to women who’ve recently had a baby or have hit menopause. Just keep a bottle of lube handy, and make sure you give your partner the heads up.

Stick to medically approved brands, and avoid vaseline or baby oil, these apparently increase risk of infection.

Don’t douche:

Contrary to [some what] popular belief, douching  isn’t beneficial to your vagina. Intravaginal hygiene products are more likely to lead to infections rather than help keep you clean. Your vagina is perfectly capable of keeping herself clean and a slight odor is normal (if it does get really strong or just smells wrong, you should get checked).

When washing your vulva, make sure you use an unscented soap or something mild. You don’t really need to use a loofah or flannel, that could actually be too rough for your vulva and break skin. Your hand works just fine.


Lactobacilli are good for vagina health, and antibiotics mess with the delicate balance they maintain. Just make sure if you need to take them you stock up on greek yogurt to repair the damage.

Use condoms:

STI’s and STD’s are very real, and a real way to keep them away fro your flower is making sure you (yes YOU) stock up on condoms and make sure your partner uses them. Also, get tested with them at least once a year. While we’re on condoms, if you’re into anal, DO NOT switch from anal to vaginal without switching the condom. That is a definite NO-NO.

Wipe front to back:

This is pretty self explanatory.


You don’t have to get a bikini wax but at least keep it from turning into the amazon down there.

There’s a list of things you should not put in your vagina, no matter how desperate you are:

  • Drugs (unless prescribed) and alcohol soaked tampons.
  • Food, of any kind. No, putting a condom on a cucumber and shoving it down there is not okay (sorry if you happen to be eating a cucumber sammich today)
  • Anything that is not a dildo or vibrator. Seriously, just invest in a nifty vibe for those weird moments.

If there’s anything you’re unsure of, talk to your gynecologist. Don’t look up any symptoms online if you do, you’ll just scare yourself unnecessarily.

Take care of your flower, she is a beautiful, wondrous thing.


Let me know what you think :)

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