Getting rid of the bush…totally necessary?


The obsession with hair removal down below has become a tad ridiculous…I’m not even sure how it started, or why less hair is better. We can’t all be porn stars people!

Pubic hair was a badge of honor signifying one was becoming an adult. There’s a time pubic hair was considered erotic and people would go so far as to buy a merkin (toupee for your pubic area) when they had to remove their hair.

Not anymore.

Though there are some people who are into big bushes. teehee

I’m curious as to whether the stress associated with trying to attain this ‘art form’, not to mention the potential strain on your pocket, is worth it. Then there’s cuts, ingrown hairs and clogged pores…soooooo not comfortable.

Why we have of pubic hair:

Your pubic hair acts as a buffer. Now you know how moist it can get, combine that with the irritation of hair removal and exposed pores, you’re special place will become a happy culture medium for some of the nastiest of bacterial pathogens. Pubic hair also helps to prevent friction during sex, more importantly it reduces the risk of getting certain STDs from a not so savory partner (this doesn’t mean you should forgo using protection…your pubs aren’t magical).

Your pubic hair is loaded with pheromones, which is a great ‘motivator’ during sexy time.

Personally I think pubic hair can be sexy, just jeep it neat with a decent trim and clean. Also, you can choose to just get rid of the triangular bit and trim the rest…it doesn’t have to be all smooth like a newborns bottom!

I do understand that different people have different preferences, and that’s okay. Just make sure that:

a) you do your research

b) it’s not just a decision based on lifestyle trends or what your partner demands

c) keep yourself clean and avoid hair-removal tools likely to cause more harm than good.

If you must get rid of your bush, ask your gynecologist what creams, waxes etc won’t cause a breakout or discoloration. Don’t skimp when it comes to getting rid of your pubic hair, get the expensive effective stuff; go to that posh, well-known spa that does the amazing bikini waxes. Trust me, you do not want to deal with the pain and suffering the wrong brand or an unskilled hand can cause down there.

But remember having a bush can be hot, so if you want to let if flourish with just a little healthy trimming, don’t bend to societal pressure. Do you!


On a side note…what on earth is up with vajazzling??


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