Strawberry Chicken Salad with Poppy seed Dressing

If you are set on eating healthy then one of the things you’ve been striving to do is finding a meals that don’t compromise on flavor. If you’re on the ‘no carb’ diet this has been especially challenging when you go to local restaurants.

Well one of the spots that’s both convenient and relatively affordable that has some yummy salads is Java. I am yet to try one I don’t like. My top salad now is the ‘strawberry chicken salad with poppy seed dressing’.

The first time I saw it I wasn’t sure it was a wise choice. I mean apples and raisins in salads is pretty normal for most people but one sees ‘strawberry’ in a salad menu and it just doesn’t register as delicious. But it actually really is.

For those who feel they’re a little more adventurous, this salad is a must try. It’s salty with a nice sweetness and added crunch from the nuts. If you’re having a rough day, having this salad for lunch will give you that something extra to power through. It’s playful, fresh and excitingly confusing. Pair it with an iced lemon and ginger with honey (easy on the honey).

Here’s a recipe I found that you could try

Don’t be afraid to improvise.

Happy eating 🙂


Let me know what you think :)

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