September is Take a Man Out On a Date Month

Apparently women still feel incredibly uncomfortable approaching a guy and asking him out. Mayhaps it’s because of the ‘social code’ that we’ve grown up with that forces us to smile suggestively at a bloke from across the bar until he gets the hint and get’s off his arse and comes chat us up.

Why not use September to get out of that archaic mentality. Ask that guy you’ve been eyeing at the gym out on a date…the worst he can say is no. you’ll feel good about it no matter what answer he gives because you’ve finally taken control and aren’t waiting around for someone else to make what you want happen.

Gentlemen, now this is something I (and the ladies reading this) need help with, what would be an ideal first date? Leave any suggestions below.

If you’re in a relationship, treat your guy. Choose something you know he’d enjoy even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone a little. Set the date and make sure he doesn’t have plans. you could use is as an opportunity to try something new like bungee jumping (which my SO is determined to do *cringe* but the love may compel me).

Now go out there, grab that guy and have a blast. 🙂



Let me know what you think :)

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