Africa Nouveau

I got to be a part of a pioneer event earlier this month: Africa Nouveau. It was a lot of work and my first time doing a music based festival with so many elements to it, not to mention that it was a 2 day event. It was a challenge and an amazing learning experience. So if you don’t know diddly about this event, keep reading.

Africa Nouveau honors creativity, authentic expression, collaboration, identity and sustainability. It is an expression of individuality and an exercise  geared at re-imagining our identity as creative’s and Africans. It is an event committed to showcasing the most progressive crop of creative Africans leveraging indigenous knowledge and materials and innovating around the same to create groundbreaking works that are both African and uniquely global. Africa Nouveau is  here for the most progressive, trend-setting, ahead of their time, out of the box, interesting, imaginative, opinionated, passionate, international Africans, who think globally and act locally.




The event was divided into sections creating a broader experience for attendees:

Music Dome: The Main music arena was set under a dome and showcased performances from the premier hipsters of African music from Kenya, Central African Republic, Angola, South Africa and Ghana.


DJ Stage aka Solar Garden/Twilight Zone: We re-purposed a shipping container into a stage for DJs in a space that we called the solar garden/Twilight zone as it was fully powered on Solar energy.

Culi’n’ Art: is an experimental collaboration between food and art. There was one designated food area called the Culi’n’ Art where a series of insta-chefs/foodies were hosted. Each insta-chef prepared a signature meal which was available at the Culi’n’ Art space allowing attendees to enjoy creative meals. Personal favorite was Neeral Shah’s Gelato (I’ll share details later).


Fashion Installations: Because fashion is art, we had fashion designers to present their works in the most creative and artistic manner that allowed the Fashion exhibition to be experienced as ART.

Art Installations: We worked with a number of art and creative studios from Nairobi to develop artistic expressions of our core ideas. There were three key installations:

  • A letter Box installation
  • A bicycle wheel installation representing Africa Nouveau
  • ‘The Revolution is Live’ using old transistor radios and TVs


SunnyMoney charging point: In contributing to a more sustainable world, SunnyMoney created a point where people could plug in their phones to solar-powered lamps.


Africa Nouveau was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Blankets & Wine, CEFA-Kenya and Action 2015.

Keep an eye open for details on when the next edition will be and be sure not to miss out on the fun.

You can check out pictures of the event on


Let me know what you think :)

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