Pizza in Nairobi

PizzafestKE last week got me thinking about what pizza lovers options are in Nairobi when it comes to good pizza spots. I haven’t tried them all but here’s what I think about the ones I’ve tried. I rate them according to the following:

Crust: good crust should be crisp and easy to bite into. The tip shouldn’t droop, it should be able to support the weight of the toppings, and the dough should have a salty and slightly tangy flavor to it: I should be able to enjoy eating it plain the way I’d enjoy some naan.

Sauce: there should be just enough sauce to moisten the dough without making it soggy. It shouldn’t overpower the topping but serve to compliment them.

Cheese: Nothing worse than someone who is stingy with cheese on pizza. The cheese should be spread evenly on each slice…just enough. i’d like to bite into the slice and have a string of cheese pull away as I do so.

Toppings: If you’re going to name a pizza beef and avo, don’t put 4 small pieces of avo on it like ornamentation and think that’s okay. It’s a rip off. Each slice should have enough of each element to ensure everybody gets to experience the same flavors.

nakedpizza-logoI fail to can!

Their pizza crust is good, it has the right amount of crunch for me, but everything else falls flat. The only time I’ve enjoyed their pizza flavors is with the pizza pie (calzone). The cheese, sauce and toppings meld perfectly together and the pastry traps all the heat.

2000px-Dominos_pizza_logo.svg Domino’s was a total let down. The pizza was dry, the flavor bland and the cheese wasn’t as much as I’d like. The crust was better than Pizza Inn’s but that’s about it. Nothing to justify the price and the fact that they charge you extra for sauce. Maybe that’s why the pizza is so dry… But to be fair I haven’t tried that many flavors (I don’t intend to either unless it’s free or comes with a free tub of coldstone icecream).

11753672_117101585300761_5624905395090030172_nPizza Mojo was pleasant enough. The crust was good but a little light, good amount of cheese and the flavors were good. Only issue is how they add their sauce…what’s with the thin spiral? Then they can be a bit stingy with toppings with some of the pizza flavors. Overall though, I’d go back.

debonairsDebonairs has been my got to for a while. It’s affordable, easily accessible isn’t stingy with cheese, sauce and toppings, and has a decent enough crust. I’m quite happy with this one.

313199_10150322312846809_523810626_nTheir pizza is good. They don’t skimp on anything and it really is the good cheat day treat. Nice crunchy crust yet easy to cut through, good amount of cheese, the toppings are well done, not just tossed on there all willy nilly.

I’m not an expert but if I you asked me where to go it would have to be debonairs or brew. I’m open to other suggestions though, so if you know a place I should try suggest it below and feel free to share your top 3 pizza joints in Nairobi 🙂


Let me know what you think :)

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