F.As vs Feeders

As a chubby girl who was conditioned to believe by society that fat can’t ever be pretty, I have often been puzzled as to why a guy would be attracted to me and even go so far as to say I am beautiful. I am comfortable in my own skin yes, save for the occasional fat days, but understanding why a man would want to either sleep with me or be in a relationship is quite baffling and honestly there’s always this under current of mistrust. “He probably thinks I’m an easy score or some shit…so no thanks”. (something along those lines)

It wasn’t any different with my current S.O. It took a while to relax into the compliments and long lustful loving stares, and even now I am convinced he is either an F.A or a Feeder. You’re probably thinking they’re the same thing but no, not really.

A Fat Admirer (F.A) a.k.a chubby chaser, is attracted to [wo]men who are already fat. They’re ideal is not the standard norm people expect.


A feeder is a person (usually a man) who likes to watch their S.O gain weight. Their S.O could be slim or chubby to start with, i guess it depends on personal preference. They help their S.O by feeding them, watching them eat ultimate weight gain meals.


Now both these types of people are viewed as odd, I mean why would a roll or two of fat kick your libido into gear? Personally I think it’s interesting and if that’s your thing go you, just don’t force your ideals on either other people or your S.O expecting them to convert but be open enough to have them understand it’s your idea of normal and they should respect it or shove off.

So my darling S.O, if you are a closeted F.A or feeder, embrace it.

What was my point again? 😛


Let me know what you think :)

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