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Getting the special men in your life, family, friends or a significant other, the perfect gift tends to be a lot harder than it is for women.

Mayhaps it’s just me.

Whenever a birthday, or valentines day rolls around I start panicking because I haven’t a clue where to start. So I asked one or two chaps what they’d like to get that’s practical (because a gift should serve some purpose) but still be special.


Now, people shy away from this because good watches cost quite a bit and cheaper ones tend to last about the lifetime of a fruit fly. But look at it this way, quality watches are the kind of gift you give someone really important like your dad on father’s day or your hubby on your anniversary, and will serve them for a long time and serve as a quiet reminder. So take the time to educate yourself and really shop around for something great.

How to know what watch to buy? What makes sense? What would he like?

Here’s how I’d decide:

  • What’s his current style? This is important because a watch tends to be a reflection of his personal taste and must fit into his lifestyle.
  • How easily can it be fixed? It needs to be something you can get fixed without too much fuss.
  • Value of the watch versus what you pay for it.
  • Where you get it. No back alleys in town people!

This video has a couple of helpful tips as well, and gives suggestions on blogs, apps e.t.c dedicated to watches:

Nat did a shoot featuring some swanky watches for men.

The idea behind the shoot was to show watches in the modern man’s natural habitats.

These pieces are gorgeous and each one suits different tastes. Click on them to get a closer look 🙂




Let me know what you think :)

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