Implant That Alerts Your Cell Phone When Your Partener Is Cheating

So I read this a few minutes ago:

Microsoft and Apple have joined forces to cut down on infidelity, save marriages and keep people in relationships accountable for their actions. Together, the technology giants have created a “genital implant” that will alert your cell phone if your partner goes astray. It is called Commit-Tech. 

Commit-Tech is a tiny chip that will be implanted at the tip of the penis on the man and the vulva of the woman. These two microchips will be synced together with an app that is installed on your cell phone. If at any time, one of these chips is involved in any sexual activity without the other chip, it will alert the partners cell phone that the other has been cheating.

“It’s a brilliant idea and we think it’s about time couples became accountable for their actions,” said Stephen Triton, developer. “There is no way cheating mates can get away with infidelity anymore. If your partner is not willing to install this implant, you might want to think twice about their commitment to you.”

The chip will be sold by Microsoft and Apple in November and will be compatible across all devices.


Okay, is this for real? People?! 

My only question is how practical is this and would it actually be successful? I mean self pleasure is a thing. A guy will just be rubbing one out or having a bit of fun with a flesh-light and his girl gets an alert and goes off on his ass, refusing to believe that he was just releasing steam on his own.

As in really?

If this is something you would feel you and your partner needed, I think it would be pretty obvious that y’all need to break up and stop wasting each others time.

Technology is quickly moving from the practical to the down right nutty.

I really want to know what y’all think so leave your thoughts in the comments.


Let me know what you think :)

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