Train Wreck

Train tracksIt’s odd,

there’s a tear sliding down my face,

but I’m smiling,

because as much as I wanted it,

there’s a different plan in the works.

Friendship is a fickle thing,

I don’t think it will survive this,

but a smile as you would to a neighbor can be spared.

I saw it coming like a speeding train,

but stood rooted on the train tracks,

praying the train would stop.



The train passes through me like a ghost,

leaving me cold and shivering.

I should have known,

but still,

the allure of experience was too great.

I have learned,

I am better for it.

One sorrow,

a friend I have lost.


no hard feelings,

in life pain is part of experience.

The train keeps moving.


image: ianculleyvisuals


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