Your heart pounds in your chest,

you mind struggles to keep up.

A dull ache begins,

getting harder to breathe.

Slow down, you say,

 raising a hand as if that would slow everything down.

You stumble along,

struggling to keep your footing on the unsteady surface.

Down you go as your ankle twists.

As you raise your head from the ground, you realize something, you are all alone…

Your voice is carried away by the wind,

the effort to shout is meaningless.

The dull ache persists, making it a harder struggle to breathe.

Your chest feels as though you’re being crushed.

You fall back to the ground, a cold sweat trickling down your back as you realize the inevitability of it all.

You are all alone.



Like a drug I can’t resist

my body is in tune with you.

Day is night.

Night is day.

Without that high,

I can’t survive.

That gentle initial rush,

the calm wash that uplifts me to that 9th level,

the warmth that rushes through my body.

My blood accelerates,

my heart working double time.

I hear colors and taste sound,

body shivers, pure ecstasy.

Lips quiver at the though of the second hit.

Breathing quickens,

eyes fully dilated.

More of you.

More now

It can’t wait.

I can’t exist.

Give it to me.

Electrocution of the senses.

I’ll quit …


Photograph by Michael Philip Manheim. @2016. Please visit for more information about this collection.

Train Wreck

Train tracksIt’s odd,

there’s a tear sliding down my face,

but I’m smiling,

because as much as I wanted it,

there’s a different plan in the works.

Friendship is a fickle thing,

I don’t think it will survive this,

but a smile as you would to a neighbor can be spared.

I saw it coming like a speeding train,

but stood rooted on the train tracks,

praying the train would stop.



The train passes through me like a ghost,

leaving me cold and shivering.

I should have known,

but still,

the allure of experience was too great.

I have learned,

I am better for it.

One sorrow,

a friend I have lost.


no hard feelings,

in life pain is part of experience.

The train keeps moving.


image: ianculleyvisuals